Timeline of the Magnetawan Public Library

Before the library was established as a Union Library, the collection was housed in variety of locations. First in Hazel Chamberlain’s Bake Shop which became in later years the “Banbury Cross”. Books were provided by the Algonquin Regional Library out of Parry Sound with the assistance of Ray Smith and community member Gwen Dickie. Gwen then enlisted a group of eager volunteers: Mary Putman, Marj Fraser, Ruth Raaflaub, Pete Wurm, Jean Lorusso, Christine Raaflaub, Marilyn Raaflaub, Ruth Fraser, and others. The library was relocated to the Seniors Building shortly after it was built. Volunteers continued to operate the library until the Community Centre was built in 1982. The library became a Union Public Library and received provincial funding. Shelly Shell was the first librarian that was hired.


Provincial funding begins

Tws. Chapman, Twn. Magnetawan Croft & Spence represented by School Board

A per house hold grant was established Wintario Grant provided for library space in the new Community Centre


Lisa Gillette hired as CEO/ Librarian


Redesigned interior of Library to accommodate an office space with first computer.

First Internet hook-up.

Special Children’s programs provided by OLS North.

Purchased Children’s reading loft from Bear Chair.

First approached to council for Municipal funding.


Began receiving Municipal funding


Worked with local libraries on an interlibrary exchange.

Borrowed Videos and talking books from Interlibrary Loan by phone .

Books were not ordered through interlibrary loan because it required a Microfisch reader.


Began using an Internet designed data base for Interlibrary Loan, but orderes were competed by phone or fax


Began research into a Community Access project.

Provincial funding reduced by 40 %


Amalgamation of Townships


Creation of CAP site

Received Federal Grant for CAP site, Along with Library in kind funding, a municipal grant, and a grant from OLS North.

Received grant for youth worker from Industry Canada


Received additional HRDC grants for Internet and Computers


Received additional sustainability grant from Ministry of Culture for $4,000.00


Creation of the Parry Sound Area Access Network

Received Connectivity funding


Continued to received Sustainibility Grants, Grants for youth workers, municipal and provincial funding.

Recieved trillium Grant, used to upgrade circulation computer and software.


Upgraded to Highspeed DSL connection


Lisa Gillette retired in December.

Erin Phillips hired as Head Librarian


Erin Phillips moved to Nova Scotia

Bonnie Davidson hired as Head Librarian


Facilities Renovated

New Website designed for the library