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The Magnetawan Community Access Project

The Magnetawan Library is proud to offer free highspeed Internet access for its users. Come into the library to use one of our community access computers or bring in your laptop and take advantage of our wireless Internet access. If it is your first time using our Internet access please read our Internet Policy

What is the Community Access Project?

The Community Access Project or CAP is a federal government program created by Industry Canada with the goal of bringing Internet access to rural communities in Canada. The Magnetawan CAP site, is part of the Parry Sound & Area Access Network. It has been through many generous grants from the Ministry of Culture: Libraries Branch, Industry Canada, the Federal Government, and the Municipality of Magnetawan that this site has been made possible. From 1998-2004 the library had dial up service provided by Ontera. Currently we our proud to offer the community highspeed DSL service from Ontera for faster access to the internet. Please enjoy your virtual visit with us!

History of the Magnetawan CAP site

The Magnetawan Community Access Project was established by a committee of dedicated volunteers with a vision for Magnetawan. Their vision: to be included on the information highway as a viable, growing, expanding, resourceful community. In addition to this, their goal was to meet the needs of local businesses and residents -- both seasonal and permanent -- through internet, database and spreadsheet training. The committee collected information on the viability of the project and fundraising ensued with great success. Partnerships between community service groups, businesses and the municipal council were formed.

Lisa Gillette and Andy Mitchell at CAP grand opening

Funding through Industry Canada and the Federal Government required that they showed that the community supported this project financially as well as with volunteers and in-kind contributions. The most logical setting for this site was the local library, which needed to be completely reorganized to accommodate the new equipment.Upon confirmation of approval of funding the committee then went to work purchasing state of the art computer technology: three new computers, a scanner, printers and the software needed to keep the operation going smoothly. With assistance from the local Lions' Club, space was made for our site in the library. Volunteers built and erected our work stations, a local computer technician set up the equipment and the student coordinator began training the trainers.

The CAP site Today

Since its beginning, the site has grown and changed. We now have six community access computers, all of which are equipped with Windows XP, MS Office 2007, photo editing software, ancestry(library).com and more! They also have flatscreen monitors, USB ports, and CD burners.

Other services offered include :

Printing - black and white ($0.25 per page) , colour ($0.50 - $1.00 per page)

Photocopying ($0.25 per page)

Fax ($1.00 per fax)


laminating ($1.00 for small pouch, $2.00 for large pouch)

Blank CD-Rs ($1.00 each)

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